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Who do I submit the quarterly progress reports to?

 The Quarterly Progress Report can be found under the ‘Grantee Resources’ tab on this website. You will download and complete the form, save it to your computer’s desktop, and upload and submit it on the RPTIF website. These reports are submitted to the CoSW the same day they are due to DAODAS. To submit the progress report to DAODAS you will email Carmen Tate, Coordinator of Grants and Contracts.

Who do I notify about changes to our project (i.e. utilization of remaining funds, changes in timeline, or scope of work)?

Should any changes in your project occur, you will need to notify the CoSW Team and DAODAS. Since the CoSW Team is evaluating projects across the state, project changes such as additional funding received and additional time needed to complete goals are important to track for the evaluation of RPTIF funds. If the end of the grant period is approaching and your agency does not need additional money, but needs to extend the project beyond the 12 or 18-month period, you can submit a No-Cost Extension letter to the CoSW Team and Sharon Peterson at DAODAS. You can find an example of a No-Cost Extension letter under the ‘Grantee Resources’ page of this website.

Should you have additional funds at the end of the grant period, you can contact the CoSW Team and DAODAS to see where funds could be shifted to cover additional project expenses.

What types of Technical Assistance (TA) are available?

The CoSW Team is available in a variety of ways to support your agency as you implement and sustain your RPTIF project. The CoSW Team can assist with developing data tracking mechanisms to determine project outcomes; identify literature to support your project efforts; facilitate stakeholder and/or team meetings to help reach project goals; provide resources around best practices.

This is not an exhaustive list of the TA available. If you would like assistance with other aspects of your project, please submit a TA request.

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